Michelle Avissar-Whiting

Operations Manager, Research Square

Michelle joined Research Square in 2011 as lead Editor for the AJE Division (American Journal Experts). She moved on to doing more illustration within the group and is now Operations Manager for all of AJE’s formatting, illustration and video. For the last two years she has led the company’s Video Abstracts team on a number of projects.

She holds a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences from the University of Rhode Island and a PhD in Medical Science from Brown University. Her dissertation focused on microRNA in the areas of head and neck cancer.

Session Topic


Video abstracts

Shanghai 1

Video is now ubiquitous and can communicate research methods, findings, and implications in ways the traditional article cannot. This session will cover how animated abstracts – short, visual summaries of research articles – can be used to more effectively communicate research to broad audiences, thereby increasing the impact and reach of scientific discoveries.

Information Design as alternative to text-based articles: Why it matters.