Bhupinder Bhullar

Managing Director, Innovation Forum

Bhupinder Bhullar currently serves as Managing Director of the Innovation Forum in Lausanne where he is responsible for driving all strategy that supports the organization’s successful developmental activities and interests.

A Harvard-educated project manager with a strong foundation in scientific research, he is versed at leading program development through continuous evaluation and innovation while conceiving new ways to improve performance and maximise efficiency.

He is reknown for starting one of the largest Next Generation Sequencing gatherings in Europe and has also acted as Co-Chair of the Program Committee for www.MipTec.com, Europe’s largest conference focused on drug discovery.

His impressive tenure includes scientist roles at M.I.T.’s Whitehead Institute and laboratory head with the Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR).

He holds a PhD in Molecular Oncology from the University of Calgary.

Session Topic

The research reproducibility problem solicits a 21st century solution

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Reproducibility is a hallmark of scientific efforts. Estimates indicate that lack of reproducibility of data ranges from 50% to 90% among published research reports. The inability to reproduce major findings of published data confounds new discoveries, and more importantly, results in wastage of limited resources in the futile effort to build on these published reports. […]

How to ensure content quality in a world of overwhelming scientific complexity