Look Who’s Talking! Measuring reach and impact of scientific articles

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Altmetric tries to aggregate the research attention lying outside of academia. This includes social media, blogs, as well as policy and news, totaling a near 54-million mentions of research across the web that “cannot be simply Googled.”

Whether references to academic research are hidden behind inconsistent formatting, shortened URLs or other means, Ben McLeish relays how it is the company’s business to make sure customers are aware of when they are cited, no matter the source.

By taking time to track, investigate and explore avenues of referencing, the end result is a consolidated list of citations that can be included with the original source. The global demographics, audience characteristics and weighted-impact for each citation are automatically generated (e.g. Twitter may score 1/10, whereas mainstream news may score 8/10). These scores measure levels of attention, not necessarily quality, and are not comparable to the impact factor.

Data can be structured in accordance to need: perhaps grouping by drug for Pharma clients, or by author, for example. Even further, searches based on Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can also be conducted.

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